Track FAQ's

Frequently Asked Track Day Questions


Q: When can we move in to the Paddock on Friday?

A: Most tracks days move in after 5:30 pm.


Q: What if I show up early on Friday?

A: Park in Lot G and visit the museum. Admission is $15.


Q: How late are credentials open?

A: Most track day providers keep credentials open until 9:00 pm Friday night.


Q: What if I show up after the credential building closes?

A: You will not be allowed in the park until 6:30 the next morning. Most campers stay in Lot G right outside the park’s gates.


Q: Does Lot G have power hookups and restrooms?

A: No


Q: When and where can I purchase power?

A: Power is sold at the credential building before enter the track. We offer 30 and 50 amp plugs. Power is $25 per day for most track days. Sportbike Track Time charges $35 per day.


Q: Can I camp in the paddock?

A: Most track days offer camping. Please contact the track day provider to make sure this is allowed.


Q: Can I camp in the paddock Sunday night after a track day?

A: No. You can camp in Lot G with track management permission.


Q: My truck and trailer are 80’ long, is there room in the paddock for me to pit?

A: Yes. The lowest level of the paddock is the best spot to pit a truck and trailer this size.


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