Park & Camping Rules


  • No entrance into restricted areas without proper credentials

  • No pets on facility grounds except those required to assist handicapped individuals

  • No jumping fences

  • No glass containers allowed on property at any time

  • No flying drones of any kind allowed at any time without written permission

  • Spectators are NOT allowed to rope off any areas

  • Scaffolding is prohibited

  • The speed limit of 15 MPH around Perimeter Road must be obeyed at all times

  • The speed limit of 5 MPH in the Paddock must be obeyed at all times

  • All trash must be placed in proper trash receptacles

  • Management may expel or bar any individual for violation of any rule as determined by management’s sole discretion

  • No flyers or handbills may be distributed unless prior written approval is obtained from management

  • No fireworks, firearms, or weapons are permitted on facility grounds

  • Golf carts, four wheelers, pit cars, pit bikes, bicycles, and other pit vehicles are ONLY permitted in the Paddock
    • Common sense and care must be applied in their use
    • All drivers/riders of pit vehicles must carry a valid drivers license
    • All pit vehicles must be operated on paved surfaces ONLY
  • Motor vehicles operating outside the paddock MUST BE street legal

  • Helmets are REQUIRED for two-wheeled motorized vehicles

  • Minors are NOT allowed to operate bicycles at any time at Barber Motorsports Park

  • Minors must be accompanied at all times while in the Paddock

  • No skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, razor scooters, or any similar type items are allowed at any time at Barber Motorsports Park

  • No alcohol allowed in the Paddock

  • No smoking around team areas or fueling areas

  • Bicycles are NOT allowed on Perimeter Road

  • Smoking in any building is strictly prohibited

  • Do NOT throw extinguished cigarettes on the ground

  • Do not damage grass areas

  • No spectators allowed on track at any time

  • No stakes of any kind may be driven into paved surfaces
    • Care must be taken when vehicle jacks are used to prevent the jack from sinking into a paved surface (such as placing a large enough piece of wood under the jack so that the weight is distributed over enough area that the pavement will not get “dented”)
  • Kickstands on asphalt must have something under them to distribute the weight

  • Helmets must be worn on Perimeter Road at all times when operating two-wheeled motorized vehicles

  • Cameras, lawn chairs and blankets are welcome

  • Coolers are allowed but are subject to search by Barber Motorsports Park security or management

  • Overnight camping – see below for specific rules and regulations pertaining to overnight camping

  • No abusive behavior or vandalism – either may result in ejection and/or arrest

  • No unlawful activities – Federal, State, and Local laws must be obeyed

  • No charcoal grills in the Paddock


  • Spaces are approximately 50' X 25 ' (Hilltop RV), 40' X 20' (RV), or 20' X 20' (Tent) and include 1 parking pass for 1 tow vehicle

  • Tow vehicles must fit within your allotted camping space

  • Each person age 16 and above must have a 3-day race ticket in their possession each time they enter the campground

  • Campers that choose to leave the Park and return after hours must have their 3-day race ticket and tow vehicle pass in their possession upon re-entering the Park gates

  • No electrical or water hookups available

  • Campfires must be self-contained and a minimum of 6" off the ground

  • No offroad vehicles or 4-wheelers

  • Skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, razor scooters, hover boards and any similar type items are prohibited at Barber Motorsports Park

  • Bicycles are allowed in camping areas – helmets are REQUIRED

  • Permanent restroom and shower facilities are available in the Paddock and across from Lot E

  • No pets allowed at Barber Motorsports Park with the exception of those required to assist handicapped individuals

  • Quiet hours will be enforced from 8:00pm to 8:00am.
Office: (205) 298-9040 Fax: (205) 967-9940
6040 Barber Motorsports Parkway Birmingham, AL 35094