As promoter of the nation's premier barbecue competitions, Smoke on the Water Productions has created a series of events that have averaged over 30,000 visitors and 158 of the world's best professional cook teams the past thirteen years.

"Barbecue is big business now," according to Ron Cates, President & CEO of Smoke on the Water Productions. "It used to be a handful of contests giving away ribbons and a little bit of prize money. We came in and created events for the true professional to compete against the world's top teams and increased prize money tenfold. Winning one of our events, especially the prestigious USA Barbecue Championship, now guarantees endorsement opportunities and the notoriety that goes with being the world's best. “From humble beginnings with a $5,000 purse, to the richest contest in the world today, Smoke on the Water currently offers over $400,000 in prize money with events in Las Vegas, Laughlin, Atlantic City, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Missouri and a NASCAR King of the Pit Championship Series at Daytona, Michigan and Talladega.

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